Dr Ignacio Dallo of SportMe Medical Center Conference in TOBI 2021

We present the Dr Ignacio Dallo of SportMe Medical center Conference in TOBI 2021: Prospective study comparing Leukocyte-poor Platelet Rich Plasma

Tobi cONFERNECE 2021

The Purpose of this study was to compare the clinical efficacy of repeated doses of leucocyte-poor platelet-rich plasma (LP-PRP) plus hyaluronic acid (HA) to a single dose of Autologous microfragmented adipose tissue (AMAT) injections in patients with early osteoarthritis (OA)

Prospective study, randomized non blinded disign

80 knees in 50 Patients with K-L grade 2 – 3 knee OA

Group 1: 25 Patients (40 knees) treated with 3 intra-articular injections of LP-PRP combined with HA (Cellular Matrix, RegenLab)

Group 2: 25 Patients (40 knees) treated with single infiltration of Autologous Microfragmented Adipose Tissue (Lipogems, Italy)


LP-PRP+HA and AMAT lead to clinical and functional improvement at 6 and 12 months.

AMAT showed better clinical results in Tegner and KOOS Symptoms at 6 months and Tegner at 12 months.

Understanding which therapy offers the most benefits with the least amount of risks can significantly improve the quality of life for millions of people affected by OA.

Long-term randomized controlled studies are needed to verify differences in efficacy.

Presentamos la Conferencia completa del Dr. Ignacio Dallo del centro médico SportMe en TOBI 2021 Estudio prospectivo que compara el plasma rico en plaquetas con leucocitos

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